Field Tested Supplies That Work!

Natural Area & Fabric Sprays

These items are great if you want to reduce the number of aerosols used in your environment. No fake smelling, volatile chemistry here. We use high-quality essential oils and choose organic if possible. Feel good about yourself!

Made from natural essential oils and without the use of harsh chemicals. These are great to use in bath & restrooms as well as in vehicles and on some fabrics. 

Contrary to common belief, newer research suggests that high-quality, pure essential oils may actually support the emotional and physical well-being of pets, including cats, when inhaled.

A word of caution... As much as we like the term "Natural" we like to remind you that even natural ingredients may have adverse effects if used in excess or if mixed with certain other compounds. Also, not all essential oils are created equal. We avoid inexpensive essential oils of unknown quality or content. Many inexpensive oils can contain synthetic fragrance oils or perfumes that may be unhealthy for your pet to inhale.

To know which oils are suitable for your pets, it’s recommended to consult a veterinarian with essential oil experience. Rosemary should not be used around pets with epilepsy and Tea Tree should not be used with cats.