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Vehicle Detailing

All you need for a quick or in-depth detail.


REVIVE-IT! Is your best friend. Simply apply to rubber, dash plastic leather and door seals, let sit for 2-7 min and wipe dry!

C-GLASS is an outstanding low VOC, no scent glass and surface cleaner - perfect for all glass and shiny surfaces.

Microfiber towels - The ones that we sell are of high quality. You can certainly find lower priced ones but should be aware that not all microfiber is created equally. Thread count and density, GSM, weight, split threads or not will most definitely play into the price you pay.

Odor eliminators vs. Air fresheners? 

An odor eliminator is a product that does not just cover odors but eliminates them. Odor eliminators work to combat the odors at their source by creating a chemical reaction with the unpleasant scents in the air. In fact, both baking soda and vinegar are simple all natural odor neutralizers that work because of the acid-base reactions they create. Whether they understand the science behind it or not, many people keep an open box of baking soda in their refrigerator—because of the reaction of the soda with many of the substances that can cause bad odors. There are, of course, many commercial odor neutralizers too, and most of these work in the same way, with an acid-base reaction.

Why Choose an Odor Neutralizer instead of an Air Freshener?

The first, and most obvious reason, to choose an odor eliminator over an air freshener is that fresheners only mask odors—the eliminator can actually get rid of the scent through scientific means. While the air freshener may make the home temporarily smell better, the pleasant scent will fade and the odor will return. Another concern with air fresheners is that certain chemicals found in some of these products have been found to be dangerous. A study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council showed that common air fresheners may contain chemicals that affect human reproduction. Additionally, these chemicals may cause a serious reaction in those with allergies or asthma too, making them a hazard for those who suffer from these ailments.

As you can see, even though the names of the two products are occasionally used interchangeably, and the products serve the same purpose- odor neutralizers and air fresheners are actually very different products. It is important to learn about the differences and choose the product that will best serve you and benefit your home or office. Before you make the decision on which to purchase, study the ingredient labels of both types of product (as well as comparing the different brands on the market). Then, read any warnings and consider all your options. When you have learned the facts, you will discover that the best way to help your environment smell its best is by ridding it of odors, not just covering them up!

If you are experiencing unpleasant or unusual odors in your home or office, Call us at 1-855-242-5326 and we will start addressing the problem right away by investigating, identifying the source of the smell and recommending the best way to get rid of it.

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