Field Tested Supplies That Work!


We simply aim to provide you options from multiple product lines from which to choose from, but in every instance, we seek the "greenest" and least impactful options available. Most are made by or sourced from local suppliers, that love the planet too.

As 10-year operators of a very busy cleaning business, we have become naturally conscious of what we expose our teams, technicians as well as our customers' environment too. After all, who wants to breathe in all this VOC and harsh chemical stuff all day.

We have also found there to be many "green" cleaning product providers who charge a sometimes mind-blowing amount of money (good for them?). We have found that a very large amount of product cost is the fancy packaging which will rarely add any true value. We decided to put the focus on the product inside and use functional containers and labeling. You will notice that this reflects in our prices!

Besides, we believe that a little hippie lives inside of all of us. Not suggesting you should stop shaving but, to embrace that little voice inside of you when it comes to your own environmental choices.

Many of the products on our site have received one of the three well respected third-party reviews and have earned the coveted Green Seal, EcoLogo certifications. Other, mostly natural household cleaning supplies are formulated from renewable resources, are biodegradable, and are safe (unless otherwise stated), allowing you to care for your home environment, your family, your pets and the earth all while selecting top-of-the-line cleaning products

Today’s home is filled with cleaning products – whether you are cleaning your kitchen, bath, laundry or just doing general housekeeping, you and your family are exposed to harsh chemicals on a daily basis! Naturally, these chemicals are being released into the environment in sometimes significant numbers and potentially causing harm to our environment.

With healthy wishes!

The whole LCS team!