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BATH & SHOWER Cleaner, ECO, 16 oz

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Safer, Low VOC, Multi-Purpose Cleaner With Biodegradable Surfactants Enhanced With The Power Of Hydrogen Peroxide. Cleans And Deodorizes Hard Surfaces In 1 Step. 

Formulated To Use On All Hard Bathroom Surfaces,
Such As Counters, Sinks, Showers, Tubs, Chrome, Ceramic, Aluminum. Safe To Use On Non-Porous Hard Floors.
Apply solution to cloth, Sponge or directly to surface.
Agitate If Needed, Rinse / Wipe With
Damp Or Dry Microfiber Cloth.

Distilled Water, Hydrogen Peroxide (8,000 ppm), Alcohol Ethoxylate, Gluconic Acid, Carboxymethyl, Glutamic Acid, Tetrasodium Salt,
Essential Oils.
Comes with high-quality orange trigger sprayer on Recyclable HDPE bottle.