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CODE RED - ECO Certified Super-Cleaner 16oz

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CODE RED is awesome and eco-friendly. It is a sanitizing cleaner that is effective to aid in the removal of grime & oil as well as urine, feces, and blood.
Safe to use on water-resistant, non-porous surfaces. Check for color fastness on carpet and fabric.

DIRECTIONS: Apply onto a soiled surface. Let sit for 3 - 10 min and/or agitate with brush. Using a soft, clean cloth wipe off grime and soil. Turn cloth over or use a clean cloth and wipe away. Rinsing is recommended on surfaces that come into direct contact with food.

15,000 ppm Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), Does not comprise of material originating from nonylphenol (NP) Does not contain VOCs, Not toxic towards aquatic life.

Comes with a high-quality red spray trigger.