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GLASS CLOTH (Microfibre) 16"x16" Professional Grade (Each)

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These specialty cloths are great to clean glass surfaces without any chemical intervention. Truly a green investment.

These last well and we have some that have gone through over 250 wash cycles.

We suggest to not use dryer sheets or laundry softener. It seems to wreck them and they start streaking because of the residue left from whatever dryer sheets leave on them. Wash hot no problem!

NO, these do NOT have "silver" woven into them. 

If you're worried about bacteria in your cloth - treat it like your underwear....wash it before it gets smelly.

If you want to use it as a multi-purpose wiping cloth in your kitchen and wish to sanitize it - put it damp into the microwave for 1 min.

We all love these clothes because they work really well and they're durable as nails!