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TOTAL WIPE CLEANER 16 oz ECO (Multi Purpose & Glass Cleaner)

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TOTAL WIPE Is A Safer, Low VOC, Multi-Purpose Cleaner With Biodegradable Surfactants Enhanced With The Sanitizing Power Of Hydrogen Peroxide.
Cleans And Deodorizes In 1 Step.
Formulated To Use On All Hard Water Resistant Surfaces,
Such As Walls, Glass, Furniture, Blinds, Counters, Sinks, Chrome, Ceramic, Aluminum, And Stainless Steel. Safe To Use On Virtually All Hard, Non-Porous Floors.
Apply Solution To Cloth Or Directly To Surface.
Agitate If Needed. Wipe With Damp Or Dry Microfiber Cloth. Food Contact Surfaces Should Be Rinsed With Water.

Distilled Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Gluconic Acid, Carboxymethyl, Glutamic Acid, Tetrasodium Salt,
Essential Oils.